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Bath Time!!
Bath Time!!


Thank you for coming to our team page!

Team LilyHammer is blessed to have your attention for a few minutes!  We would love for you to join our team to support Lily!

Lily had surgery on 9/11/2018 and she did wonderfully thanks to an incredible team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatric intensivists, nurses, and patient care techs.  It was harder on all of us than it was on Lily.  Just over 24 hours after surgery she was able to drink some formula and then some breast milk, which she took willingly!  By the start of day 2 she was eating some solid foods and drinking water!  Day 3 entailed getting most of her tubes and lines removed for a possible discharge home the next day.  Day 4, the surgeon came in and told us that we could go home as long as we were confortable and didn't have any concerns, so off we went.  I cannot believe that less than 96 hours after surgery Lily was on her way home!!

Rial and I have chosen to walk in this event again because our daughter, Lily, was diagnosed at 24 weeks gestation with a congenital heart defect. At first it was an ASD, VSD and possible coarctation of the aorta. As a nurse and a paramedic, we knew what those things meant and the shock didn't hit until we had access to professional resources and could see exactly what we were going to be dealing with. After she was born they did an echocardiogram immediately and found that not only was it the ASD and VSD but an AV canal (that is when there is one valve instead of two as well as the ASD and VSD). That was a shock. But our little girl is strong, and is thriving.  We want to be able to support our princess as well as other babies that have or have not yet been diagnosed to have the advancements in research that are necessary for lifelong treatment and management!

Her favorite things are Frozen, music of any kind, staying up way too late, crawling around, standing, furniture crawling, pulling Simon's fur, being outside anywhere, and sleeping in the big bed with mommy and daddy.  Oh and car rides!

Raising awareness is the main goal that we have in participating in this CHD walk! But we also want to raise money to promote the research for congential heart defects and those that live with them every day (adults and children). Thanks to some amazing donors, we have reached 30% of our goal! Let's spread some awareness and raise some funds! Join us in the walk on 11/4/18 in Tempe, AZ!  We are hoping to raise enough so that we can have a table at this years heart walk!  We will be able to have a poster about our heart warrior for people to read about and at 30% of the goal we are off to a good start!

Thank you for visiting our Congenital Heart Walk team fundraising page. To join our team, please use the button on this page to join our team. Thank you for your support!

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