2018 Nashville

Neylands Pacemakers


Neyland is a 3.5 year old WILD CHILD, who was diagnosed with 3rd Degree Heart Block at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital at a 32 week check up before delivery. Our OB thought she was catching moms heart rate, little did she know, it was Neylands. September 8,2014 mom became high risk and had one to two appointments a week for the next 5.5 weeks, until delivery

Neyland was born 10-20-14 via c-section due to his low heart rate, which was usually in the low 60s. Neyland received his pacemaker at 3 days old. We spent 28 days at Vanderbilt.

September 2017, we had unplanned visit due to one of Neylands two wires not working Although it's not ideal to have a bad wire, We now see Vanderbilt Cardiology on a yearly basis, send in readings every 3 months (via cell phone).



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