2018 Greater Pittsburgh

Ian's Infantry

Thank you for visiting our Ian's Infantry team fundraising page. As most of you know, Ian spent most of the first 14 months of his life in the hospital.  He was discharged twice for less than three weeks each time, until January 2015 when he was discharged and is home and going strong.  Ian's primary diagnosis is Tetrology of Fallot, Absent Pulmonary Valve.  This is a very rare form of Tetrology of Fallot which causes free flow of blood through the pulmonary arteries during development causing them to get very large and crowd out the develpment of the airways.  Because of this, Ian also has Broncialmalacia.  After his heart was "fixed," his airways have caused most of his issues. 

Ian has had 2 open heart surgeries, 1 heart surgery through his back and 3 major airway surgeries.  Each of these surgeries gets him a little bit better quality of life and is is now running around playing WITHOUT a ventilator for the first time in his life.

People with Congenital Heart Disease are never cured.  We hope and believe that Ian will continue to get better and better over time, but he will always be cared for by a cardiologist. Funding for research and development is what has given Ian the opportunity to live.  For the last three years our team has raised over $3,000 and was one of the top 5 fundraising teams two years ago.  I would LOVE to exceed that goal.  I have set our team goal high at $5,000. 

Children die every day from CHD. Two of our friends lost their babies in 2014 to CHD and there are many many more children that we know that fight every day to live.  Oliver and Charlie will forever be in our hearts, and we need more funding!!! 

Please use the button on this page to join our team.  If you cannot join us on walk day, consider a donation.  As always, thank you for your support!

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