2018 Southeast Michigan

Mrs. A & Mrs. Bs

Team Mrs. A & Mrs. Bs,

The 2018 SE Michigan Congenital Heart Walk is right around the corner! Team Mrs. A & Mrs. Bs is at it again! The walk will take place on September 22nd at Boulan Park in Troy. As you know, it is extremely important for me to raise money for congenital heart disease research. A brief update on my personal health will explain why this is truly my mission in life.

When I was two years old I had my third heart surgery, which was called the Fontan procedure. Although this surgery saved my life, as I continue to get older, it is causing other complications. This year I have had rhythm issues, which come from the electrical part of my heart. In the past I have had fast heartbeats that were temporarily corrected in 2009 with an ablation. Now I am dealing with slow heart beats called junctional rhythm. After consulting with my cardiologist, my choices are to live with junctional rhythm or have surgery to implant a pacemaker. In July I have my bi-annual checkup, adding a new doctor to the mix, an electrophysiologist. As you can imagine, I am anxious to get the appointments over with so that I know how my heart and liver are currently functioning. I will keep you updated on how everything goes!

I know I look like the picture of health, but it's important for me that you realize my congenital heart disease is complex. I feel that people do not completely understand the severity of my health. There is no cure for what I have, my heart will never be fixed. The research projects that your donations fund will directly effect my future health. This is why your continued support means more to me than you will ever know.

One more thing! If you are planning on walking with us on September 22nd, we will provide a team t-shirt for everyone on our team (including babies and kids!). If you walked with us in the past, please wear your shirt to this year’s walk.

THANK YOU for joining Team Mrs. A & Mrs. Bs, and THANK YOU for your continued support!


Cortney, Alisa & Deborah

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Heartfelt thanks to our Local Presenting Sponsor:

The Paul and Lois Katzman Foundation