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Our Sweet Ian
Our Sweet Ian

Ian's Promise

Hello all,

Ian Fletcher Cullen was born August 20, 2001. He was born with a complete AV canal. From his first day on earth till his last Ian was an absolute fighter - he had to fight for the things that many of us are lucky enough to take for granted. Ian talked the talk and walked the walk all while always having the biggest smile on his face. His smile was contongious - whenever you saw him you couldn't help but feel happy.

Ian passed away on June 19, 2018 due to his heart condition. There are no words to explain the loss that we all feel but we take solace in the fact that he is now our angel, looking down on us from heaven. Ian loved to play golf and we have no doubt that he is teeing off in the clouds everyday.

We had almost 17 great years with Ian and although we absolutely wish we had more, we are so very thankful to the doctors and all the medical professionals that helped Ian throughout his journey. Without them and God's grace we would never have had the oppoturnity to love and be loved by Ian. We were so very blessed by having him in our lives, even if it was for only a short while.

On October 20, 2018 we are walking in Ian's memory at the Houston Congential Heart Walk in Memorial Park (details below). Please join us in honoring our beloved Ian and those who have walked or are walking the same path as him. To join our team, please use the button on this page. We humbly ask that you please take a moment to donate to this great cause so that others like Ian can have the support they deserve and need for research and medical purposes. Like we said before, we are so in debt to the doctors that helped save Ian's life time and time again.

We named the team Ian's Promise because Ian would always say "Mom... you promise?" he always asked that we promised him when we said we would do something. So this is our promise to Ian, that we will always love, remember, and miss him. We will never forget the truly amazing person that he was. We know that Ian is in Heaven so terribly honored that we are doing this in his name to help others like him. We want to show him how much people love and care about him so we are asking absolutely anyone that wants to get involved to please join us and share this with others aswell.

I had the honor of speaking at my brother's funeral and I wanted to share it so that if you didn't know Ian you can see what kind of person he was. It can be found on my personal page which can be accessed by clicking on my name, Antonella Sofia Capece on the right handside or following this link: 


Ian may have had a "bad" heart but it was made entirely of gold. We only hope we can be as great as he was.

We love you so very much, Ian!


Registration starts at 8:00 am and kick off is at 9:00 AM

Location: Picnic Loop at Memorial Park Conservancy

Address: 7575 N Picnic Lane, Houston, Texas 77007

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