2018 Southeast Michigan

Sam I Am

Double digits! This year Sam turned 10. He's been so excited for this birthday. It's incredible for us to think about how he entered this world, with a roller coaster of a start and a CHD (congenital heart defect) diagnosis at three days old. He had many challenges to overcome those first years, and we had so much to learn. His heart has been sewed and patched more than once, and held by surgeons while we held our breath and prayed and hoped for birthdays to come. And thanks to incredible advancements in pediatric heart surgery, care and diagnostics, our CHD journey has brought us to a healthfull 10th birthday. We are beyond grateful, even as we know this journey can be unpredictable and will most likely require more interventions for Sam in the future.

But today, he is strong, caring, curious, and full of big dreams! Sam is a miracle to us every day and our inspiration for the work we do with The Children's Heart Foundation. Every kid with CHD deserves the chance to celebrate birthdays and dream big. So we fight for all families impacted by congenital heart disease. Our family helped found the Michigan Chapter of The Children's Heart Foundation, the first Congenital Heart Walk in Southeast Michigan, and we work with the National Board of The Children's Heart Foundation to help fund the most promising CHD research in the country.

There are over 40 known congenital heart defects and no known cure for any of them. CHD is a lifetime condition that affects approximately 1 in every 100 births; that's every 15 minutes that a baby is born with a congenital heart defect. We're working to increase survival rates and quality of life for survivors. Please join us! Your tax deductible donation will make an impact on critical research funding and services for families impacted by CHD.

Together, our work will help more kids celebrate more birthdays.

Thank you! We appreciate your support!

The Powers family

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Heartfelt thanks to our Local Presenting Sponsor:

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