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How much does this event cost?

Due to the Philadelphia Zoo entry fee, there is a registration fee attached to this event.

$25 per person, pre-registration online.

$30 per person, day of registration.

Please note that the event is cheaper if you pre-register on our website.  If you’d like to register online now, please click here.


Does the registration fee go towards the entry fee or my fundraising total?

Both!  The registration fee covers your entrance fee to the zoo, and counts towards your fundraising total.


Is there an age limit for the registration fee?

Yes.  Anyone under the age of 2 does not have to pay a registration fee.


Do I have to register in order to participate?

Yes, there are a few reasons you will not be able to participate.  In this case, because the Philadelphia Zoo has an entry fee, you will not be able to enter.  We also want to know you’re walking with us and need every walker to sign a standard waiver through their official registration.


How do I register?

Click here to go to the Philadelphia Congenital Heart Walk page.  From here, you have the option to start a team, join a team, or register as an individual – click the option you’re interested in.  Follow and complete the steps.


Can I hand in donations at the event?

Absolutely!  When you get to the registration table, we will be able to take cash, check, and even credit card donations!


How do incentive prizes work?

Incentive prizes are given to those who fundraise certain amounts.  If you raise $100, you will receive a t-shirt!


How do I receive my incentive prize?

When you check in at registration, you will receive your t-shirt.


Does the registration fee count towards my fundraising total?

Yes! An example would be if you pre-register online for $25, you would only need to donate an additional $75 for a t-shirt!


Does every walker get a t-shirt?

No.  T-shirts are given to those who raise $100 or more.  Please note that this is $100 raised individually.


If a donor gives $100 or more, do they receive a t-shirt?

No.  The person who receives the donation receives the t-shirt.


Is there anything special for teams who raise $250 or more?

Yes!  Teams that collectively raise $250  are eligible to recieve one parking pass, teams who raise $1,000 or more are eligible to recieve up to four free parking passes.


Is there parking at the zoo?

Yes there is parking at the zoo – it is $16 per vehicle.  You will pay when you leave! If you are a zoo member, parking is free!


What happens if it rains?

Our events are rain or shine!  The only exception being dangerous weather.  Any weather related announcements will be posted on your local walk homepage and emailed to all registrants.





What is the contact information for the National Office?


Phone: (855) CHW-WALK or (855) 243-9255


How do I donate to an individual without participating?

Click here to get to the event home page.  Once on this page, you will have the option to “Donate and make a difference” – click this.  From here, you will be able to search an individual or team and be able to donate directly to them.


Can my donation be moved to a different individual or team?

In most cases, yes.  Please contact the National Office with the following information:

  1. Walk location
  2. Your name/Donor name
  3. Person donation should be moved to

Click here to e-mail the national office directly, or feel free to call (855) 243-9255.


Are donations tax deductible? What is the tax ID number?

Yes! Our EIN is 04-3447959.


Will I receive a tax receipt?

Yes!  Receipts for online donations are automatically emailed to the email address provided by the donor.  Donations without an email attached to them, or that are processed manually will receive a paper receipt in the mail the month after the donation is made.  If a donor is in urgent need of a tax-receipt, please contact the National Office.


Is there somewhere where I can send a donation check?

Checks can be mailed with the below donation form to:

Congenital Heart Walk National Office

3300 Henry Avenue, Suite 112

Philadelphia, PA 19129 


All checks should be made out to Congenital Heart Walk.  Click here to find the donation form to send with the donation.  This form allows us to ensure the donation will be given to the correct person.


Does CHW accept matching gifts?

Matching gifts from employers or companies are a great way to increase your fundraising total!  If you know of a company or organization that offers such a program, the first step likely starts with you – the donor.  Typically there is a form to fill out.  Afterwards, the gift is verified by the National Office via online or paper request.  Every company is different so if you have any questions, please reach out to the National Office.


I’m getting an error message.  What should I do?

The best thing you can do is to try a different browser (i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer…).  Sometimes, this will be the perfect quick fix!  If the problem persists, please feel free to contact our National Office and we will be happy to assist!


I’m having trouble signing in.  What should I do?

Sometimes our system won’t allow you to sign in if your e-mail address is being used by two different participants.  If the problem persists, please feel free to contact our National Office and we will be happy to assist!

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